About Us

Welcome to Pulp Travel – where wine and travel are our two favourite things in the whole wide world!

We are obsessed with wine and we love to travel, so when we can, we combine our passions and visit the world’s finest wine-making regions. We especially love meeting the growers, learning about the grapes and the wine-making process. And the wine-tasting is not a bad way to spend those lazy holiday days.

So we intend to bring you the fruits of our travels and help you understand more about the wine you love to drink, and maybe introduce you to some fabulous new wines, too.

Whether you’re interested in the many different wine-growing regions around the world, or you’re fascinated by the process and all the magic that happens in the cellars, or maybe you’re curious about the various grapes and how the landscape and weather can affect the end result – we’ll share all our ‘hard-work’ with you here.

You’ll find the popular favourites – wine regions and types in France, Italy, and Spain etc… But we’ll also bring you the latest in wine news, the new regions that are emerging in the wine industry – Japans wine, anyone?

So, sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass of your favourite vino and explore the world through the lens of wine-making.